it always seems impossible until it's done

Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday is by far my favorite day ever! There is something very nostalgic about this day... that encourages people to strive for something exciting - even if that entails just being present and enjoying the day. If you are in tune with social media, or any media channel, you are aware of Nelson Mandela's passing. Usually I do not write anything political (or media worthy) here, since this is my sacred place where I can relinquish negativity and create an environment where little things like hugs and smiles are the most important things in life. However, this quote caught attention while browsing through the web yesterday. I am sure that most of you have heard (or read) this before, but for some reason it struck me differently this time around.

Maybe I can blame it on my life occurrences, or maybe even on my state of mind (aren't the late twenties very complicated? more on this later...), but everything just made sense... My life has been pretty crazy and amazing all at the same time and it's been pretty hard to come to senses with all that has been happening. Nevertheless, I have been on this "positive thinking" route lately and have decided to try my very best to fight my fears. I have been taking on so much that sometimes I literally feel like my brain is going to explode!! However, I have learned so much in the process. I have started to see myself as a sponge. Someone that sits back, soaks everything in, and uses the knowledge learnt  to create amazing things afterwards.

With that said, this Friday morning I challenge you to take a step back and think if there is anything holding you back. Something that you have been procrastinating maybe... Usually when I find myself in this type of situation fear is usually involved. Today we can, together start conquering these fears. Because, as the inspiring Nelson Mandela once said, "everything seems impossible until it is done". So let's do this!!!! 



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