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Monday, December 16, 2013

All images via University of Washington's website

Brianna Ailie's work caught my attention while browsing senior projects on the UW Design 2013 webpage. I am in absolute awe with this print publication. There is nothing more appealing to me than good use of color, simple imagery and beautiful typeface. "In the beginning" tells the story of the Creation from Genesis 1. I am not a very active christian and not the bible reading type (no judgement here...) however, I love the way she utilizes splashes of watercolor to allude what happens in the story. For a lover of all things color, this definitely makes my favorite things list! 

Back when I was in college, I was an avid reader of books on design. Even though I was not an Art major (yet a communication one), there was something very appealing to me when it came to layout, color interactions and imagery. I often harassed my friends that were taking such classes for information and usually came out with a list of books to read. One that will forever hold a spot on my nightstand is "Interaction of Color" by Josef Albers. Oh my heaven... amazing! Anyways, going back to the subject... Yes, colors and alluding to the story. One thing I learned from reading Josef Albers is that when one person says RED to 50 different people, be sure that there will be 50 different kinds of red in their minds. This happens because we relate to color in such a unique way and also because color has such an influence in our emotions. When Brianna Ailie utilizes splashes of color on a very clean spread of paper, the reader has the opportunity to interact more to the story that is being told. It's like taping into their imagination and developing a story line based on a personal connection between the reader and what's laid out in front of them. Colors... and type, of course!  

"When color challenges the safe, enclosing geometrical properties of the pictorial surface, as it is meant to, it does so with a slowness and delicacy that are disarming and a beauty that is exhilarating" Mark Strand

Hope you had a lovely weekend and here is to a productive and colorful week ahead!



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