sunset watching {in a tropical territory}

Monday, October 28, 2013

Photos by Chris Hodges
After my first post about things we did in Rio (read it here), I finally got through another one hundred plus pictures and came across these beauties. One thing I have never done before was to plan to watch the sunset. For some reason we always say we want to do it, but never make it a point to be there in time to take in all the beauty and ever-changing colors. So while in Rio we decided that sunset watching would be on our to-do list. And what a marvelous one it was....

This is actually a few minutes away from my parents house and it is located in a National Park called "Parque da Cidade" (city park). The awesome thing about this spot is that because it is used for hand gliding they have a super cool concrete ramp that makes a perfect place for lounging around and enjoying the view. 
Twilight to me is definitely the most magical time of the day. Right before it starts, the sky feels like a blank canvas awaiting to be filled with a never ending mix of light, powerful hues and a certain sparkle. Without a doubt mother nature knows how to end a busy day.   

I am extremely glad we made it in time to experience this unforgettable moment. And when it felt like nothing could beat the colors of of sky mixed with all the shadows created by the mountains... The moon came out greeting us with a perfect smile.

What a magical way to start the week! I am glad I pulled out these pictures and was able to share it with all of you. Maybe the picture perfect color palette mixed with the sparkle of the city lights will inspire you this Monday morning. 

Now that we are living on the west coast I am sure we will be enjoying many more wonderful sunsets. Any suggestions of sunset watching spots near LA? Here is to a productive week ahead! 



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