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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I am very excited to be writing this post! As many of you know, I love decorating and always have a blast transforming ugly rooms into stylish little sanctuaries (remember this post?) Sometimes I do wonder why did I not go to school for interior design or architecture so I could do this for a living. However, I think that when you do something for yourself and for pure pleasure, it kind of feels special and creativity flows loose! 

As Chris and I reached L.A. we had a whole set of challenges waiting to be tackled. The first one was finding a place to call home. After a long list of leasing offices and neighborhoods we decided to settle for a sublet instead of a year long lease. I was not familiar with Los Angeles, however one thing that every one tells me is to "live as close to work as possible". And the reason for that is the never ending traffic that swallows this city. Since I am still on the search for a full time job and do not know where I will be commuting every day, a temporary home sounded just perfect for us. 

Yes, you heard me correctly: a studio! A teeny tiny place with not that many walls and a huge decorating challenge! Good thing is a love creative challenges... and I know that I can turn this ugly little sublet into a white swan of a home. 

Day one of our move was all about cleaning and getting things in order and day two was all about decorating research, of course! I found this image while browsing my favorite online place in the world (a.k.a pinterest) and my heart skipped a beat. No seriously! The column was the first thing that caught my attention... however, when you take a closer look everything from the color palette to the meticulous arrangement of furniture, makes you want to move right in. 

I am well aware that the studio we are currently living in will not look as polished and stylish as this one (we have ugly carpet and no pretty column separating the living area.) However, the whites, tans, bright corals, greys and lovely blues will surely give me a helping hand to transform it into a perfectly imperfect home. 


p.s: have any small space decorating tips? feel free to send it my way :)


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    1. Thanks for the supportive and sweet comment xo


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