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Monday, July 22, 2013

Well, hello and welcome back Monday! Today is a special date - my dear husband's birthday. Unfortunately, I am not able to spend the day pampering him, however I managed to do so over the weekend (here and here). 

To welcome the week, I am sharing this extremely talented designer that has inspired me to embrace my femininity and be as girly as one can be! Maybe some boundaries are necessary here...however I refuse to believe that this oh-so adorable floral alphabet can be kept hidden from the world.


It is astonishing to me how each letter is meticulously designed with floral stems and leaves. When I first came across this artwork, I had an intense "oh-my-god" moment. I have never realized how writing is such an artistic thing... We are so used to typing everything and not using calligraphy anymore, that letters have become another digital tool. No longer do we see the twirls of the letter t or the long loops of a g... every single letter (a.k.a email) now is a wave of consistency, with no apparent personality and identity. I remember well, how exciting it was to receive a hand written letter and how challenging it was to write the perfect one. How many pieces of paper I would go through in order to have the perfect handwriting and feel to it... 

I am delighted to have stumbled upon this artwork and hope that it will inspire you to send more handwritten letters to friends and family. And maybe one day, instead of emailing that frustrated co-worker, you will be inspired to leave her/him a happy note to make there a day just a tad bit more special!  

"Along with frequent day-dreaming and an unquenchable taste for prunes, I find that I take great joy in perusing consignment shops, embroidering handkerchiefs, and enjoying a nice cup of peppermint tea." Jill De Haan. 



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