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Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Friday Bloggers!! This past month, I joined the Better Blogger Network and so far it has been amazing. I have interacted with so many other bloggers and today I stumbled upon this blog post. It is a challenge... and I have decided to take it! I will be blogging everyday this month (maybe I am crazy, but right now it seems doable..). I am a tad bit behind so even though this is day 1 for me, I will follow the challenge...

Day 3: "things that make you uncomfortable".


Oh, this is a hard one... You would think that as soon as someone asks you this question you would have a list pop up in your head with every single thing that makes you uncomfortable, right?! NO. It was pretty hard to come up with this one... One thing that I can say makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable is being hot. You know when the humidity is unbearable and the sensation you have is that you are melting like a Popsicle? Yep! I hate it and on a day such as this you will find me laying on a couch somewhere in the air conditioning - and I will not move. at all! 

Another thing that makes me extremely uncomfortable (and I have a hard time admitting it) is when someone I do not know that well is feeling sick and I am next to them... I don't know why but I feel awful and I never know how to react. My first instinct is to get as far as possible... Pretty bad, right? For some reason, I get nervous and I panic. So, beware... If you ever feel sick around me I will most likely step away from the situation. (hehe) I promise I will get help though!  

Okay, friends, that is all for now! You are more than welcome to join the fun... Tell me what makes you uncomfortable! I promise I will not judge... Come back tomorrow for more "blog every day in may" challenge. 



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