Tuesday, April 16, 2013

If there was anything I could be doing right now, it would be to relax, take a deep breath and look up into this amazing blue sky....


This weekend was pretty busy with school work and spring cleaning, but on Saturday morning I woke up at 9 am and went on a 20 minute walk to the National Mall to participate in the Cherry Blossom Yoga. It was amazing... We were fortunate enough to have great weather that day, even though it was a tad bit chilly. As many of you know, Yoga has a way of renewing my energy and it can bring me up from anything I am going through. 

Sometimes life feels like it is going to sallow you whole and spit out the remaining, right? Sorry if this was way too visual... but in my opinion it is VERY true! It is easy to tell others to remain positive and to not take it too seriously (guilty!!), but when it comes to taking control of what your feeling it can be extremely hard. Nevertheless, there are a few little details that can turn the tables and give you motivation to keep moving forward. For me, Yoga is one of them... Also, smiles, laughter, hugs (yes, I am a hugger!!), and a few words of kindness go a long way!!

Today I am giving myself the afternoon off and going to have a little bit of fun with my favorite guy! It's all about focusing on the little things that make you happy. So go hold hands, give hugs, sing, dance, or whatever it is that makes you tingle inside and feel all kinds of fancy!  

Ta -ta lovely friends and until next time.



  1. doce, Mari. Adorei! Respirei fundo e olhei o céu aqui, que também está bem azul. :)


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