God save the Queen and a few travel tales

Friday, March 8, 2013

                                                                     IMAGE VIA LINDSAY HUFFMAN

When I first saw these illustrations, I felt the need to immediately transform myself into a little hand-drawn Mariana so I could just dive into these paper cities... One of my favorite things to do by far is travel...love having the sensation of stepping into unknown territory and feeling like there are so many things to capture with your eyes and so little time to do so! Traveling can be so invigorating and will definitely have a great impact on your perspective of the world. Take my story as an example.... 

When I was about 5 years old my parents set out on a great adventure - they moved the entire family (mom, dad, brother and moi) to rainy England in order for my dad to complete his PhD! Of course everyone thought they were crazy, but my-oh-my did they give us the most amazing experience of our lives! At the time, I was too young to appreciate the whole move and kinda just went with the flow... They put me in school (even though I did not speak a single word in English), Brownies, and eventually I turned into the ultimate English girl - I said "God save the Queen" and everything! ;) 

Throughout the 4 and a half years we lived there, every summer my parents would take us on road trips through Europe. Oh, those road trips! I remember them as if it was yesterday... fluffy blankets (mom used to drag us out of bed and into the car at wee hours of the morning), The Beatles playing, and driving on the right side of the road in an English car (not fun!). It is strange how things like these help you mold into the adult you are today! Being so opened to changes and having to adapt and meet new people from different cultures, completely changed my perspective on life and made me the opened minded-lover of all things unique-kinda person I inspire to be today!  

How cute is this picture, right? One of our picnic locations while we were on the road - yes, no fast food for us kids! McDonald's and soda was only allowed in our household when it was a special occasion... like Fridays for example!! ;) 

I sure do love going back through our photo albums and looking at all the lovely family pictures! Do you have any place in mind for your next vacation? Please do share, I love getting travel inspiration...

Have a great weekend and until next time.



  1. Vc é uma pessoa muito especial, sou uma mãe abençoada por ter uma filha como vc. Bjs


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