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Thursday, July 16, 2015

sectional couch / floor lamp / area rug / coffee table / chair

Move Loot has quickly become my newest obsession. If you are anything like me, you consider searching for furniture online is the best hobby ever. I can go hours looking through craigslist. Refreshing the pages to make sure nothing good has been added. My search doesn't even have any filters added, because I need to see everything. Just in case, you know, I stumble upon a magnificent accent table I don't even need. There is one thing that holds be back when it comes to buying used furniture online. I always rely on my husband to come with me to check it out. No woman in their sane mind would roll up to some strangers house to look at a vintage mirror. And truth be told, I missed out on so many good pieces because Chris just didn't think we really needed that extra comfy chair - and he was probably right 99% of the time! :)

Nonetheless, I have found a solution to all my furniture seeking problems: a site called Move Loot. It's like craigslist, but without all the awful pictures and the hassle of having to find a guy to come pick up the piece with you. Granted, it's not available all over the States, but if you are located in the cities that they serve, definitely check it out. Did I mention they deliver to your house? Yep. I just purchased a media stand from them and two super nice guys came to my office and dropped it off right on schedule! 

Since I will take any excuse to re-decorate, I set out on a mission to curate my favorite living room pieces in Los Angeles! Sadly, I do not need any new furniture therefore, feel free to use all the items in this post - and I encourage you to. :) 

Hope you come back soon,

This post was not sponsored by Move Loot. I just really love to share tips and products I love with all of you. 


  1. Yes! I recently found out about this an am obsessed! I havent bought anything yet, but it is only a matter of time!

    1. Same here! I love getting email updates from recently added furniture :)


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