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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

rugcoffee table and pillows (yellow/elephant) from
It all started when the husband and I sat down at our dining room table for our regular evening meal. When Chris mentioned something about our tiny little table... Two years ago when we set out to LA we had nothing except our clothes and lots of books, and after moving into our first apartment it was as if we were racing against time to furnish that 700 square feet home. Which brings me back to the table... I desperately needed (wanted) a modern looking table with personality and only had a $200 budget. Ha! Complete joke. So I did what any determined gal would do: search craigslist up and down, every single day, non stop. Usually I find incredible stuff on craigslist, but this time luck wasn't on my side and I ended up giving in and heading to Target's website to purchase the said table. 

We are all aware that a $200 table at target = one year of use and that's pretty much it! I was aware of that from the beginning but made a choice to overlook it. That night when Chris made a comment about the wobbly table I couldn't help but feel the need to get rid of it right there and then. And just like that crazy decorating women kicked in and I set out on a journey to re-decorate our living room!

After buying a new table, chairs and a cover for the couch, I started investigating rugs. Have you ever tried finding the perfect rug? Man, what a difficult task it is. I searched all over the web, homegoods, tjmxx, that was when I came across Chairish. If you are into design and home furnishing, I am sure that you have spent plenty of time navigating their website (if not, please do!) Even though I am a lover of all color, I am a total white/brown/gray kinda girl when it comes to decorating and I have a really hard time investing in big splashy new purchases - I usually stick to the classics. However what I found to be incredibly helpful is to invest in pops of color in other areas, like pillow cases, art work and a rug that has a bit of both worlds. I love to mix cold hues like gray with warm colors like brown and yellow.

What about you? Are you a bold kind gal or do you tend to walk down the neutral/safe side of decorating? 


  1. Adorei as novas aquisições..... adoro amarelo no cinza. Parabens!!!


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