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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A few years ago when I discovered it became my primary obsession. Every single day I would spend hours browsing the site without a specific goal in mind. However, since Pinterest came in the picture, I have pushed Esty aside and have devoted my time to the "new" site. In the past month, Pinterest has started to irritate me a tad bit... First it all started with random people popping up on my feed as if I followed them (even though I did not), and now every time I search for something that something becomes a theme on my main feed. Not cool! It almost seems as if Pinterest was trying to sell me specific items... but in a bad/pushy kind of way! Is it just me or have you noticed the change on the site as well? 

Because of such fact, I am staying away from the site for a while. In order to fill the void of  useless (but pretty) online browsing, I have migrated back to Etsy!!!! And thank GOD I did :) 

Here are a few of my many Esty obsessions this week: 

First off, these hanging planters are the best thing ever! If you live (or have ever lived) in a small city apartment you know that floor space is sacred and anything that you can hang is a must. The hardest part would be deciding between the simple white and the chevron one.  On the subject of planters... I need a small one for our balcony, and this one definitely caught my attention (if only it weren't so pricey, yikes!) 

I can't seem to get enough of brass items. I have no idea where my obsession for it started.... the pear  decor item makes me feel all kinds of fancy with the pearl additions and this pineapple door knocker will surely make any home feel welcoming! 

British tea cups are one of my favorite kitchen items. It reminds me of my mom's amazing collection that I love so dearly. 

Do you have any cool Esty shops to share? I always love discovering new shops. Hope you're having a fantastic week and until next time!



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