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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ok, this might just be my favorite blog post ever! A few weekends ago, while doing my weekly online research, I stumbled upon this little gem of a shop (remember this?). Book/Shop, is little store located in San Francisco (Oakland, to be more precise) and I cannot wait to be able to go see what it is all about.

Like myself, they believe in the power of reading and the experience behind the simple act of turning a page. "The surprise of one page turning to the other. The little luxury of sitting in a great reading chair, inhaling the scent of a beautifully made book." (link) Oh my, I think I might have found my place in this world. People have always thought it was weird the way I have forever loved books and everything about them.. their smell, the perfectly formatted paragraphs, and of course the devastating feeling when a book ends and you're totally not prepared to let go of the characters just yet! After going through their website, blog and Facebook profile, I sure am reconsidering moving to San Francisco... ;) 

Not only do they sell beautiful vintage books, but they have pretty things that go oh so well with them. Here are a few of my favorite things.... 

My favorite piece in the store has to be this simple, yet amazing "Read instead" print! I'll take two please. 

Hop on over to their website and do a little exploring. If you are a book lover such as myself, I know that you too will fall in love with Book/Shop!


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  1. http://lastbookstorela.com/

    YOU HAVE TO GO HERE. Have you heard of it? Google Image...NOW.


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