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Monday, September 30, 2013

We made it to Cali! After 3,000 miles driving from the east to the west coast and experiencing the most extraordinary time of our life, we arrived in the golden state of California. 

My heart has never been so incredibly happy. Before we set on this adventure, I had no idea what to expect... what I would encounter along the way. And this made me a tad bit afraid. The unknown always causes me to experience mixed feelings. In one hand, there is the fear of letting go of all things comfortable around you. On the other hand, the endless possibilities that await you is quite exciting.  And how exciting things have been! 

We started our drive in Chesapeake, VA and set through Savannah, New Orleans, San Antonio, Austin (yes we did the southern route), Albuquerque, Flagstaff and finally arriving in Los Angeles.  Every single stop we made was unique in its own way. It is incredible how you can find parts of yourself in places you never knew existed or never imagined visiting... here are a few things that I will always hold dearly in my heart.

1. Street car in New Orleans. It takes you a none touristy route and you get to enjoy all the amazing historical architecture the city has to offer.

2. Austin's rich culture. While driving around Austin, I encountered this mural on the street. It covered an entire concrete wall that would otherwise be colorless. The texture and color on the artwork was the first thing that caught my attention. However when I stopped to take a further look, it brought a smile to my face when I noticed the love and kindness that was put into the piece. 

3. The little mountain town of Flagstaff. Amazing view and welcoming people. In the midst of tourists driving to see the Grand Canyon, this town holds its uniqueness and hippie personality.   

4. Le Grand Canyon. Yes it is grand indeed! Something about the endless beauty of it all makes you feel small and powerless. All my mindless thoughts and fears immediately vanished when I sat down to take in the view.

Now that we have finally reached our final destination, it is time to gather our energy and build a new start! Apartment searching has initiated and job applications are next on the list.  



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